NEAR Web4 Online Hackathon

NEAR Blockchain helps reimagine your world and empower users to have full control and responsibility over their data. NEAR introduced a few infrastructure apps and tools to empower Web3 builders. One of these tools was called “Web4”.

Web4 is a new way to distribute decentralized apps. You only need to deploy one smart contract using Rust/WebAssembly to host your app HTTP backend, static resources and blockchain logic.

Web4 helps to transform a NEAR account (name.near) into a website (or for testnet).

Let’s build Web4 together!

Web4 source code:

Live example:

Other examples:

Rewards Fund: 2,000 $USN


Build an app using Web4 framework and deploy to the NEAR blockchain, testnet or mainnet (preferably). 

Your contract should have some blockchain logic (display on-chain data, perform actions on the chain) and user-friendly interface to help interact with your contract. The user interface must be accessible via Web4 (url like or

What can be build


What to submit

Submit application


Description Account Id Contacts
Demo Web4 App || Github || Contract:
Chess Web 4 NEAR || Github || Contract: 1chess.testnet1chess.near
a 90s style wallet name generator and checker || Github || Contract:
WriteLog || Github || Contract:
Web4 ans Svelte.js starter template using AssemblyScript || Github || Contract: svelt.nearf22238b211bd7b1e830a3e1b85df186b9df945588e4b7a74ffc038470e926e74@toxbor
Web4 Tribune is a decentralized mass-media. || Github || Contract:
Web4 peer-to-peer text/video chat on the NEAR blockchain || Github || Contract: whatsdapp.testnetpiontkovsk11andre1.near
BRRR Net Liquidity TVL Stats || Github || Contract: burrrow.nearburrrow.near-
i create a guest book and also an nft minter in web4 || Github || Contract: poldi.testnetspiritbro1.near
send whitelisted tokens to multiply peoples by single transaction. Implements multi-storage deposit and userVault for checking most active senders and use this information in future for award them || Github || Contract: coinsender.testnetrmlsnk.near@bluelegomachine - telegram
Web4Social - Decentralize social network platform on NEAR Protocol - 100% onchain - IC..P, cought || Github || Contract: